CORE - Data Collection Software (COMET)

COMET (CORE Outcome Measurement and Evaluation Tool) is the purpose-built web-based data collection software that has been developed to replace the AORTIC software. COMET will support the collection and submission of compliant data to the APD and ANZPIC Registry. The site level data collected can also be extracted to complete the CCR survey. 

The Benefits of COMET are:

  • Central installation on a secure domain which eliminates any local installation requirements.
  • Accessed via a web browser and will run on any computer i.e. Mac​, iPad, PC desktop or laptop.
  • Microsoft Access license not required.
  • Improved end-user experience; more user-friendly, enhanced data integrity, and more accurate reporting.
  • New risk of death models i.e. ANZROD, PIM3.
  • Ability to migrate existing AORTIC data (APD and ANZPICR datasets only – custom fields will not be migrated) into COMET.
  • Enhanced security:
    • Each site will set up a site administrator that can then add/manage users for their site.
    • No one outside of the list of users created by the site administrator can access hospital data or reporting.
    • Users can use the same logon details to access different hospitals if they have permission to do so.
  • Increased scope for collaborations with other registries in the future.
  • A searchable 'tagging' system which can be added to any patient, hospital admission or ICU admission extends.

Implementation of COMET

COMET implementation will be a staged rollout which will commence soon. The CORE Team will be in touch with individual sites to provide appropriate information on transitioning to COMET.

COMET reflects all the recent changes and major revisions made to the APD and ANZPICR Minimum Datasets. Please refer to the below resources.

APD Program​mer's Data ​Dictionary Version 5.4​

APD COMET Data Dictionary Version 5.4

ANZPICR Registry Data D​icti​​o​nary

APD Data Collection For​​m V​20

​ANZPICR Data Collection F​​orm​​

ANZPICR Episode Collection Form​​

COM​ET Training ​Videos​ 

COM​ET ​Traini​​​ng Ma​​nual​​

New Contributing Sites​

All new sites who have never collected or submitted data to the APD or ANZPIC Registry, and wish to use the COMET software will be given priority and provided access to COME​T in due course.  

ICUs interested in contributing to the APD or ANZPIC Registry, please contact ANZICS CORE Senior Project Lead, Anne Mwagiru​ to discuss options on +613 9340 3457.

Current AORTIC Users

Transition from AORTIC to COMET will be staged and the migration of existing AORTIC data (APD and ANZPICR Minimum Dataset) into COMET managed by CORE staff. Sites involved in testing the application will be the first to transition to COMET and remaining sites will subsequently follow.

Non-AORTIC Users (CIS Users)

CORE has made changes and major revisions to the APD and ANZPIC Registry Minimum Datasets. Please ensure all required changes outlined in relevant data dictionaries (see above) ​are implemented.

If you wish to do so, please contact ANZICS CORE Senior Project Lead Anne Mwagiru​ to discuss options on +613 9340 3457.​​