​​​​​CORE - Annual Reports

​​CORE Annual Reports

​This report provides a summary of the Adult Patient Database (APD) and other activity across all CORE Registries.

ANZICS CORE Annual Report 2014/15​

ANZICS CORE Annual Re​port 2013/14​​​

ANZICS CORE Annual Report 2012/13

ANZICS CORE Annual Report 2011/12

ANZICS CORE Annual Report ​2010/11

A​PD Annual Activity Reports

(Previously APD Data reported in CORE Annual Reports as above)

APD​ Annual R​eport 2​015/16​​​​​

​​A​NZPICR Annual Activity Reports

ANZPICR Annual Report 2015

ANZPICR Annual Report 2014​

ANZPICR Annual Re​port 2013

ANZPICR Annual Report 2012 

ANZPICR Annual Report 2011

Previous copies of reports can be found under More CORE documents​

CCR Activity Reports​

CCR Activity Report 2014/15​

CCR Summary Report 2014/15

CCR Activity Report 2013/14 

CCR Summary ​Report 2013/14​

CCR Activity Report 2012/13​​

CCR Summary R​epor​t 2012/13​​​​

CCR Activity Report 2010/11​

CLABSI Annual Reports 

CLABSI Report 2015/16

CLABSI Report 2014/15

CLABSI Report 2013/14

CLABSI Report 2012/13