​​​CORE - Data collection tools

A number of documents have been developed to assist in the collection of information for the APD, ANZPIC and CCR registries.  For further information relating to the APD Data Submission process please click here.

Data Dictionaries

Version 4 of the APD Data Dictionary was released in July 2013. The basic version is for those involved in collecting data, coding and data entry. The programmer's version is for those involved in creating an APD compliant submission file.

 APD Data Dictionary Version 4.1 Basic (pdf)​

 APD Data Dictionary Version 4 Programmer (pdf)

A draft version of the ANZPICR Data Dictionary was released in January 2015. This document provides a list of the required ANZPICR data elements, along with a description of each data element and the associated formatting and validation rules.

ANZPIC Data Dictionary (November 2015)

Data Collection Forms

An example of a data collection form, generally completed at an adult patient's bedside (APD).

 APD Data Collection Form (pdf)
 APD Data Collection For​m (word)​

An example of a data collection form, episode collection form, and 2015 diagnosis list, generally completed at a paediatric patient's bedside (ANZPICR).

ANZPICR Data Collection Form (pdf)​​
ANZPICR Diagnoses Codes (pdf)

Critical Care Resources (CCR) Survey Tool​

The CCR survey tool is found online at https://ccrsurvey.anzics.com.au 

Central Line Associated Bloodstream Infection (CLABSI) Surveillance Program

CLABSI data is submitted by state jurusdictions, infection control departments and by individual ICUs

The CLABSI tool is found online at https://surveillance.anzics.com.au