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2012 - 2013

Godfrey G, Pilcher D, Hilton A, Bailey M, Hodgson CL, Bellomo R. Treatment limitations at admission to intensive care units in Australia and New Zealand:prevalence, outcomes, and resource use. Crit Care Med. 2012 Jul;40(7):2082-9.

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Kok J, Blyth CC, Foo H, Bailey MJ, Pilcher DV, Webb SA, et al. Viral pneumonitis is increased in obese patients during the first wave of pandemic A(H1N1) 2009 virus. PLoS ONE. 2013 Feb ;8(2):e55631.

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Bohensky MA, Jolley D, Pilcher DV, Sundararajan V, Evans S, Brand CA. Prognostic models based on administrative data alone inadequately predict the survival outcomes for critically ill patients at 180 days post-hospital discharge. J Crit Care. 2012 Aug;27(4):422.e11–21. 

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Moran JL, Solomon PJ, ANZICS Centre for Outcome and Resource Evaluation (CORE) of the Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society (ANZICS). A review of statistical estimators for risk-adjusted length of stay: analysis of the Australian and new Zealand Intensive Care Adult Patient Data-Base, 2008-2009. BMC Med Res Methodol. 2012;12:68.

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Schneider AG, Lipcsey M, Bailey M, Pilcher DV, Bellomo R. Simple translational equations to compare illness severity scores in intensive care trials. J Crit Care. 2013 Oct; 28(5):885.

2011 - 2012​

Straney L, Clements A, Alexander J, Slater A. A Two‐Compartment Mixed Effects Gamma Regression Modelfor Quantifying Between Unit Variability in Length of Stay among Children Admitted to Intensive Care.Health Services Research. Health Serv Res. 2012;47(6):2190-203.

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Miles LF, Bailey M, Young P, Pilcher DV. Differences in mortality based on worsening ratio of partial pressure of oxygen to fraction of inspired oxygen corrected for immune system status and respiratory support. Crit Care Resusc. 2012 Mar;14(1):25–32.

Young P, Saxena M, Beasley R, Bellomo R, Bailey M, Pilcher D, et al. Early peak temperature and mortality in critically ill patients with or without infection. Intensive Care Med. 2012;38(3):437–44.

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1;14(1):14–9. ​

2010 - 2011

Mortality prediction and outcomes among burns patients from Australian and New Zealand intensive care units. McNamee JJ, Pilcher DV, Bailey MJ, Moore EC, Cleland HJ. Crit Care Resusc. 2010 Sep;12(3):196-201.​

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CA. BMC Health Serv Res. 2010 Dec;10:346.

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Conventional and advanced time series estimation: application to the Australian and New Zealand Intensive CareSociety (ANZICS) adult
patient database, 1993–2006. Moran JL, Solomon PJ; Adult Database Management Committee (ADMC) of the Australian; New Zealand Intensive Care Society (ANZICS). J Eval Clin Pract. 2011 Feb;17(1):45-60.

Empirical aspects of linking intensive care registry data to hospital discharge data without the use of direct patient identifiers. Bohensky MA, Jolley D, Sundararajan V, Pilcher DV, Evans S, Brand CA. Anaesth Intensive Care. 2011 Mar;39(2):202-8.

Arterial hyperoxia and in-hospital mortality after resuscitation from cardiac arrest. Bellomo R, Bailey M, Eastwood GM, Nichol A, Pilcher D, Hart GK, Reade MC, Egi M, Cooper DJ; Study of Oxygen in Critical Care (SOCC) Group. Crit Care. Mar 2011;15(2):R90. ​

2009 - 2010

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