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collapse Year completed : 2017 ‎(5)
iPIT3 – The Influenza Pandemic SurveyA survey of Australian public opinion on methods to triage intensive care patients in an influenza pandemicCTG 1314-142017
Delayed Discharge StudyEvaluation of clinical outcomes and cost consequences of delayed discharge from intensive care: A multicentre prospective observational studyCTG 12-0062017
EGDT IPDMAMulti-Centre randomised controlled trials of early goal-directed therapy (EGDT) in severe sepsis – an individual patient data meta-analysis (IPDMA)CTG 1314-072017
Fluid-TRIPSThe Fluid Translation of Research into Practice Study (Fluid-TRIPS): An International Cross sectional Survey of Fluid Resuscitation PracticeCTG 1314-102017
TRANSFUSEStandard issue transfusion versus fresher red blood cell use in intensive care  - a randomized controlled trialCTG 10-0102017
collapse Year completed : 2016 ‎(5)
CLOSE IConservative or liberal oxygen targets safety and evaluation in mechanically ventilated patients - a pilot feasibility studyCTG 1213 - 0042016
DahLIAA randomised, double-blind, multi-centre placebo controlled trial of dexmedetomidine for patients with agitation and delirium in the intensive care unitCTG 10-0032016
IPHIVAPInhaled prophylactic-heparin in ventilator associated pneumonia prevention trialCTG 09-0032016
LUNG-SAFE (CTG Supported Study)Large observational study to understand the global impact of severe acute respiratory failureCTG 1314-0122016
TEAM pilotPilot randomized controlled trial of early goal directed mobilization in critically ill patientsCTG 1314-0012016
collapse Year completed : 2015 ‎(8)
BLING IIA phase IIb randomised controlled trial of continuous beta-lactam infusion compared with intermittent beta-lactam dosing in critically ill patientsCTG 10-0072015
DAREThe Impact of the Intensive Care Discharge Process on Patient Outcomes (Discharge and Readmission Evaluation (DARE) study)CTG 08-0082015
EPO-TBIA randomised, placebo-controlled trial of erythropoietin in ICU patients with traumatic brain injuryCTG 08-0012015
HEATPermissive hyperthermia through avoidance of paracetamol in known or suspected infection in ICUCTG 11-0022015
HiTBICThe Hypothermia in Traumatic Brain Injury in Children Study.CTG 05-0052015
SUP-ICU (CTG Supported Study)Stress ulcer prophylaxis in the intensive care unit.  A multicentre seven‐day inception cohort studyCTG 1314 - 0062015
TEAM prospective cohort studyEarly mobilization and recovery in mechanically ventilated patients in ICU: a prospective cohort studyCTG 12-0042015
The SPLIT study0.9% saline vs. Plasma Lyte® 148 for fluid therapy in intensive care trialCTG 1213-0022015
collapse Year completed : 2014 ‎(6)
ARISE RCTThe Australaian Resuscitation in Sepsis Evaluation Randomised Controlled TrialCTG 07-0022014
HOT OR NOTThe HyperOxia Therapy OR NormOxic Therapy cardiac arrest studyCTG 12-0012014
POST-RENALProlonged Outcomes Study of RENAL (Randomised Evaluation of Normal vs. Augmented Leval Renal Replacement Therapy in ICU)CTG 10-0042014
ProGUARDProcalcitonin Guided Antibiotic Rational Decision Making In ICU PatientsCTG 09-0132014
TARGET PilotThe Augmented vs. Reduced Goal for Energy delivery in ICU Trial (TARGET) - A feasibility trialCTG 11-0012014
The SuDDICU study (exploratory studies)(CTG Supported Study)Exploratory studies of the perceived risks, benefits and barriers to the use of selective decontamination of the digestive tract in Australasian ICUs (SuDDICU)CTG 11-0042014
collapse Year completed : 2013 ‎(4)
Early PNEarly Parenteral Nutrition vs. Standard Care in the Critically Ill Patient.CTG 05-0022013
PREDICTPrediction of Death following Withdrawal of Life-sustaining TreatmentsCTG 09-0022013
SPICE PilotSedation practice in intensive care in ANZ Pilot StudyCTG 11-0032013
STATinSA Phase II Randomised Controlled Trial of Atorvastatin Therapy in Intensive Care Patients with Severe Sepsis ( STudy of Atorvastatin Therapy In Sepsis)CTG 06-0042013
collapse Year completed : 2012 ‎(2)
CHESTCrystalloid versus Hydroxyethyl Starch Trials (CHEST). A multicentrerandomised controlled trial of fluid resuscitation with 6% hydroxyethylstarch (130/0.4) compared to saline (0.9% sodium chloride) on allcause mortality in intensive care patients.CTG 08-0092012
ENTERICThe early nasojejunal tube to meet energy requirements in intensive care study - A multi-centre randomised controlled trial comparing early jejunal feeding (using a frctional nasojejunal tune) and standard feeding in critical illness.CTG 05-0032012
collapse Year completed : 2011 ‎(2)
DECRAA multi-centre prospective randomised trial of early decompressive craniectomy in patients with severe traumatic brain injuryCTG 03-0032011
PROTECTThe Prophylaxis for Thromboembolism in Critical Care Trial.CTG 05-0042011
collapse Year completed : 2010 ‎(1)
VTE Prophylaxis Point Prevalence StudyCTG 06-0082010
collapse Year completed : 2009 ‎(2)
NICE-SUGARNormoglycaemia in Intensive Care Evaluation (NICE) and Survival Using Glucose Algorithm Regulation (SUGAR)CTG 04-0012009
RENALMulticentre, Unblinded, Randomised, Controlled Trial to assess the effect of Augmented vs. Normal Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT) on 90-day all-cause mortality of Intensive Care Unit Patients with Severe Acute Renal Failure (ARF).CTG 05-0012009
collapse Year completed : 2008 ‎(2)
ASAPAudit of Severe Acute Pancreatitis feeding practicesCTG 07-0042008
Blood Observational StudyA prospective observational study of blood product transfusion practices in Australian Intensive Care UnitsCTG 08-0062008
collapse Year completed : 2007 ‎(2)
ARISE Observational StudyThe Australasian Resuscitation in Sepsis Evaluation - Observational StudyCTG 06-0052007
SAFE TRIPS Phase II (ANZ component)The SAFE Translation of Research into Practice Study – Phase II (ANZ component).CTG 06-0112007
collapse Year completed : 2006 ‎(1)
Blood Glucose Management AuditManagement of blood glucose in the critically ill in Australia and New Zealand: A practice survey and inception cohort studyCTG 02-0032006
collapse Year completed : 2002 ‎(1)
MERITMedical Emergency Response and  Intervention (MERIT) TrialCTG 02-0012002
collapse Year completed : 2001 ‎(2)
ACADAEMIAAntecedents to Cardiac Arrests, Deaths and EMergency Intensive care AdmissionsCTG 01-0032001
SAFEThe Saline versus Albumin Fluid EvaluationCTG 01-0012001
collapse Year completed : 2000 ‎(1)
ATBISThe Australasian Traumatic Brain Injury StudyCTG 00-0012000
collapse Year completed : 1999 ‎(1)
ALI/ARDS SurveyThe Acute Lung Injury and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome SurveyCTG 99-0031999
collapse Year completed : 1996 ‎(2)
ANTIMICROBIALS SurveyAntimicrobials SurveyCTG 96-0011996
DOPAMINELow Dose Dopamine in Patients with Early Renal Dysfunction: A Placebo Controlled Randomised TrialCTG 96-0021996
collapse Year completed :  ‎(24)
ALISAH II (CTG Supported Study)Albumin in Subarachnoid HemorrhageCTG 12-005
ANAEMIC (ANAEMIA Survey)Australian and New Zealand Audit of Blood Transfusion in Intensive CareCTG 01-004
BASIC SurveyBacteraemia Study in Intensive Care SurveyCTG 01-005
COENROLMENT StudyCoenrolment of ICU Patients into More Than One Study: A Trinational Survey.CTG 06-007
FEEDING GUIDELINESThe Nutrition Guidelines StudyCTG 03-002
HISS PilotHeparin in Severe Sepsis - A Pilot StudyCTG 07-003
INFINITEImpact and risk factors associated with Influenza H1N1 in Austalian Hospital System, Epidemic 2009CTG 09-004
IRONMANIntravenous iron or placebo for anaemia in intensive care: the IRONMAN randomised controlled trialCTG 12-007
IVIG in SepsisA phase II randomised controlled trial of polyvalent immunoglobulin therapy for patients with severe sepsisCTG 06-002
NICE-SUGAR Delayed ConsentCTG 11-009
NICE-TBIThe Normoglycaemia in Intensive Care Evaluation (NICE) Traumatic Brain Injury StudyCTG 05-006
PNEUMONIA SurveyPneumonia SurveyCTG 99-002
RENAL Phosphate Sub studyHypophosphatemia and Patient Outcomes during Low and High Intensity Continuous Renal Replacement TherapyCTG 05-001
SAFE TBISAFE - Post hoc TBI StudyCTG 04-002
SEPSIS SurveyCTG 99-001
SPICE Observational StudySedation Practice in Intensive Care EvaluationCTG 10-002
STATinS TIMESA time in motion evalutaion study of a phase II randoimised controlled trialof atrovastatin therapy in intensive care patients with severe sepsis.CTG 07-005
TAMEAn Audit of the Time and Costs involved in the Ethical and Governance Review Process of a Multi-Centre Clinical Trial in Australia and New Zealand.CTG 08-005
TARGET 12 month followupThe Augmented versus Routine approach to Giving Energy Trial (TARGET): The effect of caloric load in critically ill patients on recovery at one yearCTG 1314-003
The Elderly Outcomes StudyQuality of life in elderly survivors of Intensive CareCTG 06-010
The RENAL Assessment of EPO-TBIThe RENAL Assessment of TBICTG 11-006
VTE Prophylaxis Survey and Sepsis AuditA point prevalence survey of venous thromboembolism prophylaxis managment in the critically ill and An epidemilogical observational audit of venous throboembolism prophylaxis management in critically ill patients with severe sepsis.CTG 06-009
VTE TIME StudyA Time in Motion Evaluation of the VTE Audit .CTG 07-006