​​Education - ASM database

The ANZICS Education Committee has developed a database that lists of all the presentations from the ANZICS/ACCCN ASM since 2007. The presentations are organised by speciality, speaker classification and professional group, as shown in the table below.
The purpose of this resource is:

  1. To create a support base for ASM Convenors in their selection of speakers, themes and satellite meetings. Convenors will be able to cross reference the database to avoid overlap and identify gaps in themes or topics presented from year to year. The database will be provided to ASM convenors each year, and will updated on annually.
  2. To be used as a resource that supports ANZICS committees as well as individual members in the development of workshops, seminars and other educational meetings.

Members can access reports on material presented on any of the fields listed below by contacting ANZICS via anzics@anzics.com.au
Additionally, past ANZICS/ACCCN ASM programs are available under the ‘downloads’ section of the ANZICS site.

 You can browse the ASM below by using the first row drop down filters (eg by year, speciality, classification etc).