​​CORE - Critical Care Resources (CCR) Registry


The CCR survey investigates the provision and utilisation of critical care resources in Australia and New Zealand. The survey captures data on physical resources such as the number and types of beds; enumerates data relating to admissions, bed days, ventilation, readmissions and other resource indicators; estimates medical and nursing staffing levels; and collects data on various aspects relating to safety and quality in critical care units.

The CCR survey is conducted annually by financial year, and targets more than 200 adult and paediatric critical care units in Australia and New Zealand. The CCR Survey was established in 1993, and holds data relating to almost 20 years of ICU activity. As of 2010/11 the survey utilised an online tool to facilitate the collection and reporting of data.

The online survey tool provides units with a range of reports on the submitted data, including Unit Detail, Comparative and Time Series reports. The CCR data is an important resource for clinicians and policy makers providing data useful for forward planning and health services research.

CCR annual reports are provided to contributing hospitals, departments of health, national and state libraries, professional societies and associations and made publicly available through the ANZICS CORE website. Please visit the CORE Reports page​ to view the 2014/15 CCR Summary Report.

The activities of the CCR survey are ​administered by ANZICS and overseen by the current director, Dr Edward Litton.

CCR Online Survey Tool

To access the CCR Survey please follow this link: https://ccrsurvey.anzics.com.au

Accessing Information

ANZICS CORE provides assistance for ANZICS members, clinicians and researchers to access information held on the database for approved purposes upon request. For more information please visit the Information Requests page.

Contact Details

For any information regarding the CCR Survey please contact ANZICS on +61 3 9340 3400 or via email at ccradmin@anzics.com.au