​​​Our expertise

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​ANZICS CORE is recognised as a one of Australia’s leading registry services working closely with the clinical community, government health departments and national health care quality agencies.

​​We are able to tailor the development of an integrated critical care data collection and benchmarking program to meet specific needs of individual ICUs or a Regional program. ​

Our services range from consultantion through to full intergration with the ANZICS CORE Reporting Portal.

Consulti​​ng ​​​

Provision of advice to establish intensive care registry services within a jurisdiction or region. Consultation can cover the collection of data, data analysis and reporting, tailored to the needs of the region. Technical advice will be provided if required.

​S​etting up Registry Services 

We work with local teams to establish data collection systems and processes for submission of data to ANZICS CORE including:
  • Provision and support of free data collection software
  • Educational support and training resources for data collectors
  • Assistance with structures and processes for oversight of local intensive care registry activities

Provision of Regular ongoing data submission and reporting 

Submission of data from contributing sites with provision of reports through the CORE Reporting Portal which include: 
  • Online local and international comparative  reports of individual ICUs’ risk adjusted mortality outcomes to peer group hospitals 
  • Report filters for major case-mix groups, the source of ICU admission and time periods
  • Data quality and validation reports with each data submission period
  • Comparative reporting of annualised resources and staffing information through annual contribution to the  CORE Critical Care Resources Survey (benchmarked against national or international peer group hospitals)
  • Reporting of ICUs as a regional or jurisdictional group compared to local and international peer group hospitals
Additional services offered by ANZICS CORE are:
  • Ad hoc analysis in response to queries from sites and regional or jurisdictional governance bodies
  • Customised online reports 
  • On site audits ​
  • Provision of Annual Activity Reports for Intensive Care Practice for the region 
​For further information please contact anzics.core@anzics.com.au​