A Joint ANZICS Safety & Quality/iSRRS Darwin Conference 2023

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On behalf of the International Society Rapid Response Systems (iSRRS) and the Australian New Zealand Intensive Care Society (ANZICS) we are writing to inform you of a joint conference on rapid response systems and ICU patient safety and quality.


This will be held in Darwin between the 20th and 22nd of July 2023.


It is anticipated that there will be plenary sessions on day 1 and 2, and then concurrent streams for rapid response systems and ICU patient safety and quality.  We are planning to have a social function on the night of the 21st  of July 2023.


The conference will include plenaries on topics related to workforce, environmental sustainability, rapid response, sepsis and medication safety delivered by experts in the field like Professors Daryl Jones, Johanna Westbrook, Naomi Hammond and David Pilcher. Our concurrent sessions will focus on Rapid Response and Safety Quality. Topics in Rapid Response include the role of remote monitoring, simulation, the role of nurse practitioners as well as rapid response in maternity, paediatric and oncology patients as well as the international RRT experience from Singapore Mexico and New Zealand.


Safety and Quality topics include a review of the benchmark for ICU safety and quality including the role of patient experience measures, the role of Artificial Intelligence to detect and prevent deterioration, tele ICU, staff well-being and preventing burnout and recent updates on environmental sustainability in ICU.


Emerging topics in RRT and S&Q will be discussed during a state of the art session and free papers with prizes for the best presentations are included in our program.


There will be discount for all members of ANZICS and the iSRRS.
Non-members can become a member of ANZICS or the iSRRS at the links below:


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On behalf of:

iSRRS:   Lesley Durham; Daryl Jones
ANZICS: Mark Nicholls, Deepak Bhonagiri, Gian Sberna, Phyllis Toparlanis, Vathsala Pradeep.