ANZICS/ CICM Global Health SIG

ANZICS/ CICM Joint Global Health Special Interest Group

The ANZICS/ CICM Joint Global Health Special Interest Group, first came together in late 2020 with the aim of bringing together ICU clinicians with interests and experience working in resource limited areas.

The SIG is guided in its activities by the following mission statement “To improve critical care in resource limited settings by understanding local values and healthcare expectations and fostering collaboration in education and research”. Please click here to view our TOR

The SIG membership is more than 50 members strong, with work experience across the globe. There are three main working groups in the SIG, based on the major geographical regions of the world who collaborate and share ideas.

Our membership is growing, and we would love to hear from you, irrespective of your experience in the global health field. Please click on the links below to learn more about the projects we are involved in.

You can contact us via Alana Karathanasis (Project Manager) at


The Working Group is headed by Cath Tacon, Co-Vice Chair of the GHSIG with Intensivists, Gerard Moynihan and Lewis McLean, as group leads.

The GHSIG has placed a major focus on the Pacific & PNG, our close neighbours and has been involved in a number of projects to support the region, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Current Projects:

1) University of Papua New Guinea – Higher Level Post Graduate Diploma of Intensive Care Medicine
Bruce Lister (Paediatric Intensivist) has been leading a project to develop a course that will allow PNG medical doctors to obtain Post Graduate qualifications in Intensive Care.

How you could help:

  • Coordination and development of a complete learning module
  • Contribution to case preparation and tutorial design within a learning module

2) ICU commissioning at Lae, Papua New Guinea – ANGAU Memorial Provincial Hospital
The ANZICS/CICM GHSIG has delivered a return brief to conduct scoping for the commissioning of the intensive care unit, part of the ANGAU Hospital redevelopment, partially funded by DFAT.

How you could help:

  • Working group members with experience in ICU design and commissioning are
    invited to assist with this project
  • Expertise in all aspects of multidisciplinary intensive care are needed. Medical, Nursing, and Allied Health ANZICS/CICM GHSIG members will be required for this

3) Telehealth education in PNG
A/Prof Steve McGloughlin and Dr. Cath Tacon have developed and led the telehealth education program. This involves weekly meetings and bidirectional learning with critical care clinicians in PNG.

4) Projects in development:
Fiji National University – Masters of Medicine in Intensive Care / Post Graduate Diploma of Intensive Care

Lisa Bennett (Intensivist Colonial War Memorial Hospital Suva), the CICM Overseas Aid committee, and the ANZICS/CICM GHSIG have all identified this as an opportunity to contribute significantly to a regional partner. The M.Med Intensive Care Medicine will allow Anaesthetists in the Pacific to specialise in Intensive Care Medicine, with a view to developing the Critical Care capacity in the Pacific. The course is in the advanced planning stage and is anticipated to commence in mid- 2021.

How you could help:

  • If you are interested in working in Fiji and have availability for 3-12months, please contact the GHSIG


The Working Group is headed by Irma Bilgrami, Co-Vice Chair of the GHSIG with Dr David Ku and Eamon Raith, as group leads.

The COVID Pandemic in India

The COVID pandemic in India has caused devastation on an unimaginable scale and touched the lives of many Australians, including our colleagues. At the height of the pandemic, Dr. David Ku, the SIG’s Asia group lead, brought together a group of Intensivists with strong ties to India. Through the efforts of this group, we identified the best way to assist at the time through donations, identified channels for tele-health support and approached the Indian critical care societies with our support.

The Indian tragedy persists. Options for providing ongoing support are:

1) Donate to MSF
MSF is in country and has scaled up its programs. Should you wish to support them, you can find more information here

2) Tele-health
The need for an Australian based tele-health program was explored and it was considered best to contribute to networks that are already in operation. The following UK and USA based initiatives offer opportunity for those interested to volunteer

Online teaching and learning
Members of the GH SIG have set up educational programs with colleagues overseas.

IF you are interested in contributing, please contact John, Irma & Cath via Alana Karathanasis (Project Manager) at


This working group is headed by John Botha Chair of the SIG and supported by Dr Mark Nicholls and Dr Simon Erickson.

Current projects:

1) Arusha
The ANZICS/CICM GHSIG has had ongoing discussions with Australian Volunteers International and a remote volunteering position is being established with the Arusha Lutheran Medical Centre.
The Implementation of this will be formalised in the second semester of 2021

2) Moshi
The ANZICS/CICM GHSIG has had discussion with the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre and they have expressed interest in ongoing support from the SIG.
AVI is reviewing this opportunity and it is hoped that the relationship with KCMC will be formalized .

Volunteers are needed to provide distance education and to contribute to the support the SIG can deliver to East Africa.
If interested please contact John Botha via Alana Karathanasis (Project Manager) at


MSF: ICU positions


The GHSIG has liaised with AVI and developed a MOU to develop projects moving forward


Please contact John, Cath or Irma via Alana Karathanasis (Project Manager) at explore current projects and the opportunities available to contribute. You can find more information about the current projects and opportunities available by clicking on the working groups above.

In the near future, we are interested in developing an online platform for educational opportunities. We would love to hear from you.

SIG Leadership Group/Working Group Leads
John Botha
John Botha SIG Chair and Africa Lead
Irma Bilgrami
Irma Bilgrami SIG Co-Chair and Asia lead
Cath Tacon
Cath Tacon SIG Co-Chair and Pacific/PNG lead
David Ku
David Ku Asia Lead
Eamon Raith
Eamon Raith Asia Lead
Mark Nicholls
Mark Nicholls Africa Lead
Lewis McLean
Lewis McLean Pacific and PNG Lead
Gerard Moynihan
Gerard Moynihan Pacific and PNG Lead
Tom Niccol
Tom Niccol MSF Lead
Kirsten Bond
Kirsten Bond MSF Lead