ANZICS CORE Critical Care Datathons

ANZICS CORE Critical Care Datathons

Critical Care Datathons aim to bring together clinicians, data scientists, researchers and innovators in healthcare to address a clinical question using large open-access datasets relevant to the delivery of intensive care services.  Mentored by world leaders in health care and data science, Datathons facilitate the opportunity to explore an emerging intensive care global dataset and delve into analysing the data through collaborative problem-solving.           

We welcome students and trainees alike to get involved.

In mixed teams, participants formulate and refine a clinical question, and through analysis of the dataset, attempt to answer the question to inform patient-centred outcomes or health policy decisions.  Depending on the dataset used, data variables may include patient demographics, haemodynamic readings, biochemistry and blood gas results and medical interventions.


APD and CCR Databases by David Pilcher_ANZICS CORE

ANZPICR Database by Breanna Pellegrini

We frequently collaborate with many national and international stakeholders to facilitate delivery of Datathons, exposing participants to rich datasets and world-renowned scientific mentors.

The 2021 Critical Care Datathon will be held on the 17th – 18th July and will be co-hosted by the Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) and partnered with the University of Sydney, the University of Melbourne and the National University of Singapore.

 If you’re a clinician, trainee/student, data scientist, researcher, or just interested in learning more about intensive care data, come along and get involved.  Datathons are a perfect way to enhance your skills, refine a formal project idea and collaborate with diverse professionals in healthcare and data science.

 Program at a glance: 

  • For the two-day event, you will be allocated to an inter-professional team to answer a clinical question related to the service of intensive care through analysis of an open-access global health dataset.
  • After refining the clinical question, teams will collaborate to analyse the data, learning from and with each other about how best to interrogate the dataset, whilst receiving mentorship and support along the way from world leaders in intensive care data.
  • Towards the end of day two, each team will deliver a 3-minute presentation of their results, with commendations awarded to the most outstanding presentations.

*Please note, some preparatory work may be required by participants prior to start of the Datathon.

Abstract presentations are reviewed by the scientific mentors.  Judging is based on clinical relevance and impact – i.e. how your solution may influence or improve current practice, the novelty and impact of the proposed problem statement, the result presentation, and the Team’s plans for the study moving forward.

This program is suited to: 

  • Clinicians of all levels of experience interested in using and analysing data for patient-centred outcomes
  • Data scientists or researchers wanting experience in healthcare data
  • Those interested in clinical informatics to improve clinical practice or health service improvement at a global level

The ANZICS Critical Care Datathon…come along and be a part of it!