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ANZICS Meet The Experts Podcast Series – Dr Andrew Conway-Morris

April 23, 2019

ANZICS would like to announce the next episode of Meet the Experts Podcast series.

In this edition, Dr Swapnil Pawar speaks with Dr Andrew Conway- Morris, an academic intensivist with interest in immune dysfunction in critical illness and nosocomial infection.

Dr Conway- Morris is Senior Research Associate, Wellcome Clinical Research Career Development Fellow at Cambridge University and works as an honorary Intensive care consultant at Cambridge University Hospitals. He is currently Deputy Chair of Infection Section at European Society of Intensive Care Medicine – ESICM.

Dr Conway- Morris’s current projects include human trials of treatments for immune dysfunction, developing clinically relevant markers of immune dysfunction and rapid diagnostics in nosocomial infection.

In this podcast, Dr Conway- Morris talks about the role of immune function in sepsis and shares his insights into CARS (compensatory anti-inflammatory response syndrome). Also, he urges to consider antibiotics as Antimicrobial Chemotherapy and warns against their overzealous use in intensive care.

Please click here to hear Dr Andrew Conway- Morris’s thoughts.

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