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ANZICS Ramesh Nagappan Education Award

September 10, 2019

The Ramesh Nagappan Education Award is awarded to an ANZICS member who has made an outstanding contribution to education with the Australian and New Zealand intensive care community.

The award is in memory of Associate Professor Ramesh Nagappan and honours the outstanding contribution he made to the Australasian Intensive Care community, as a passionate educator, exemplary clinician and trusted colleague.

ANZICS established this award in 2014 and previous recipients are:
• 2018 Mary Pinder
• 2017 Chris Nickson
• 2016 Adam Deane
• 2015 Cameron Knott
• 2014 Gerard Fennessey

To be eligible the candidate must have active ANZICS membership. They must be nominated and seconded by another ANZICS member.

The nomination must contain a citation on the reasons for nomination and the candidates CV.

The award takes the form of a certificate and prize of $1000

In addition to consistent engagement with local education activities and an active clinical role, a nominee will have documented contribution to educational initiatives at a national or international level in one or more of the following areas:

  • Teaching and learning: Commitment to teaching and learning activities within the intensive care medicine community demonstrated by active participation in and contribution to such activities
  • Mentoring and influence: Consistent positive educational influence with the intensive care multidisciplinary team and beyond.
  • Research and education theory: Published medical education research or conference presentation that contributes to the understanding and application of education theory in the intensive care environment
  • Resource development: Innovations in medical education such as new course design, curriculum development or educational platforms that improve the delivery of medical education.
  • Educational leadership: Dedicated educational leadership within the intensive care and broader community. Examples include university or hospital medical education committees, establishing education networks or founding education activities.

To avoid the potential for any real or perceived conflict of interest, it is recommended that current or recent (within two years) members of the ANZICS education committee and/or ANZICS Board not be considered eligible for the Ramesh Nagappan Education Award, even if all other criteria are met. Such individuals may well be worthy recipients and their nomination for the award could be re-considered when a suitable period of time has elapsed from their Education Committee or Board role. There is no restriction on ANZICS members being nominated for successive years for the award. Prior recipients of the award are eligible for re-awarding after a 5-year period.

Process for nominations:
1. The award is listed on the ANZICS website with both downloadable and online nomination form.
2. Call for nominations is circulated to all ANZICS members via ANZICS lists on 10th September 2019.
3. Two ANZICS members nominate candidate and submit by 24th September 2019.
4. The ANZICS Education Committee considers all nominees and shortlists eligible recipients with recommendation that is forwarded for endorsement by the ANZICS Board.
5. The ANZICS Board considers and accepts the ANZICS Education Committee recommendations and announces the recipient at World Congress 2019.

Please click here for nomination form.

Kind regards,

Dr Chris Nickson
Chair, ANZICS Education Committee

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