CORE Committees and Working Groups

  • The Jurisdictional Advisory Group, with representatives from all Jurisdictional Funders
  • The CORE Committee with representatives from:
  • ANZICS Executive, ANZICS Clinical Trials Group, ANZICS Safety and Quality Committee, and ANZICS Paediatric Group
  • CORE Working Groups (Research Publication and Outlier Working Groups)
  • College of Intensive Care Medicine (CICM) trainees
The CORE Management Committee
Dr David Pilcher
Dr David Pilcher CORE Chair
Dr Paul Secombe
Dr Paul Secombe APD Director
Dr Craig Carr
Dr Craig Carr APD Associate Clinical Lead
Dr Johnny Millar
Dr Johnny Millar ANZPICR Director
Dr Ed Litton
Dr Ed Litton CCR Director
Gian Sberna
Gian Sberna ANZICS Chief Executive Officer