• Research Coordinator Executive Summary

    This document may be used to support a request for sustainable funding for the employment of a Research Coordinator (RC) within an ICU environment. The document highlights the track record of Intensive Care Research and the tangible benefits that research has brought to hospitals in Australia, NZ. and across the World.This information can then be used to support an application for RC funding.

    For a more detailed version of the document (the RC Business Case) please contact the ANZICS Office.

    Download the Research Coordinator Executive Summary

  • A Tool for the Research Coordinator to Assist in the Conduct of a Study

    Download this run sheet as a guide for listing out the specific steps required by the RC in your ICU to effectively and safely operationalise a study .

  • IRCIG Budget Information and Tool

    Reviewing a Study Budget

    Download a word document that faciltates review of a proposed study budget

    Mock Site Budget
    Download an excel spreadsheet which helps to calculate a proposed site budget


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