Webinar 3 – 31 March 2021

From one early clinician to another – Dredging the data swamp and making informatics great again

Dr Matthew Durie, Dr Tamishta Hensman and Dr Sing Chee Tan


Webinar 2 – 4 March 2021

CORE Update at the ANZICS CTG 23rd Annual Meeting. Watch the data Ninjas in action!


Webinar 1 – 24 February 2021

Ask the experts – Challenging APD data variables: your coding questions answered.

Ms Kathleen Collins, Professor David Pilcher, Dr Paul Secombe



Webinar 6 – 9 December 2020

ANZICS CORE Outlier Management Program

Dr Deepak Bhonagiri, Ms Tatjana Kriveca, Ms Shaila Chavan, Dr David Pilcher

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Webinar 5 – 11 November 2020

ICU data to confirm hypothesis, monitor outcome and inform practice.

Dr Shailesh Bihari


Webinar 4 – 21 October 2020

Using registry data in randomised controlled trials: Why PEPTIC may prove transformative for Intensive Care.

Dr Paul Young


Webinar 3 – 23 September 2020

Staff perceptions of family access and visitation policies in Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Units and the organisational perspective using CCR data.

Rachel Bailey


Webinar 2 – 26 August 2020

What can the ANZICS CORE Registries tell us about vulnerable patients and their outcomes?

Dr Paul Secombe


Webinar 1 – 22 July 2020

What can the ANZICS CORE Registries tell us about how to run an ICU?

Professor David Pilcher

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Forster G.M. et al, The Association Between Discharge Delay from Intensive Care and Patient Outcomes

Gershengorn H.B. et al, Association Between Consecutive Days Worked by Intensivists and Outcomes for Critically Ill Patients

McClean K. et al, Identification and assessment of potentially high-mortality intensive care units using the ANZICS Centre for Outcome and Resource Evaluation clinical registry