Board Of Directors

For all correspondence to the ANZICS Board of Directors, please contact the ANZICS Secretariat.

Our Board Of Directors
Dr Anthony Holley
Dr Anthony Holley Vice President
Dr Danielle Austin
Dr Danielle Austin Honorary Treasurer
Dr David Ku
Dr David Ku Honorary Secretary
Dr David Pilcher
Dr David Pilcher CORE Chair
Dr Craig French
Dr Craig French CTG Chair
Dr Johnny Millar
Dr Johnny Millar Paediatric Chair
Dr Mark Nicholls
Dr Mark Nicholls PAW Chair
Dr Rajeev Hegde
Dr Rajeev Hegde QLD Regional Chair
Dr Michael Farquharson
Dr Michael Farquharson SA Regional Chair
Dr Michael Ashbolt
Dr Michael Ashbolt TAS Regional Chair
Dr Yasmine Ali Abdelhamid
Dr Yasmine Ali Abdelhamid VIC Regional Chair
Dr Bradley Wibrow
Dr Bradley Wibrow WA Regional Chair
Dr Ben Barry
Dr Ben Barry NZ Regional Chair
Dr Nhi Nguyen
Dr Nhi Nguyen NSW Regional Chair
Dr Raymond Raper
Dr Raymond Raper CICM President (Invited Member)