Past Events

Past Events

The Basic Assessment and Support in Intensive Care (BASIC) course covers the fundamental knowledge and skills required for healthcare professionals working in Intensive Care Units and other critical care environments that provide intensive care manag

The Winter Research Forum is held over two days during Winter (July or August). The meeting is designed to provide a rigorous peer review forum for proposed research initiatives. It is a requirement of CTG endorsement of a study that it is presente

ACCCN & ANZICS are pleased to present the 2018 Critical Care Collaborative Conference - ICU Alphabet Soup. This one day event is an interprofessional symposium open to all critical care providers: prehospital, medical, nursing and allied health.

The ANZICS Safety & Quality Conference focuses on multidisciplinary team activities and is suitable for critical care nurses, allied health staff and physicians. The topics presented have implications for patient monitoring and the recognition, respo

SG-ANZICS Asia Pacific Intensive Care Forum (“SG-ANZICS” or “#SGANZICS”) is a joint initiative by the Society of Intensive Care Medicine (SICM), Singapore, and the Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society (ANZICS) to convene a Critic