ANZICS COVID-19 Guidelines

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ANZICS COVID-19 Guidelines


The COVID-19 viral pandemic will likely represent an unprecedented challenge to intensive care services throughout Australia and New Zealand. We are fortunate to have world class intensive care services, with a highly trained and professional workforce who are ready and able to serve their communities at this time. This document aims to provide a series of recommendations and suggestions to ensure continued high-quality clinical care in the setting of a pandemic. High-quality evidence to guide medical decision making is currently lacking in many areas. However, we have drawn on previous pandemic experience and contemporary infection control literature in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). We have developed a ‘living document’, which will be revised in an iterative process that will incorporate local and international knowledge as this disease progresses through the community. The most up to date document and all previous iterations will be found on the ANZICS website

National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce 


ANZICS Guiding principles for complex decision making during Pandemic COVID-19.