ANZICS CTG Endorsed Study


A phase III randomised controlled trial of continuous beta-lactam infusion compared with intermittent beta-lactam dosing in critically ill patients

Study Description

A phase III randomised controlled trial of continuous beta-lactam infusion compared with intermittent beta-lactam dosing in critically ill patients. This is a prospective, multicentre study with 7000 patients recruited from 100 sites worldwide, open label randomised controlled trial with blinded outcome assessment.

Management Committee

Jeffrey Lipman, Stephen Brett, Menino Cotta, Joshua Davis, Jan De Waele, Joel Dulhunty, Simon Finfer, Naomi Hammond, Serena Knowles, Shay McGuinness, John Myburgh, David Paterson, Dorrilyn Rajbhandari (Project Manager), Sandra Peake, Andrew Rhodes, Jason Roberts, Claire Roger, Charudatt Shirwadkar, Therese Starr, Colman Taylor.

Administering Institution

The George Institute for Global Health


University of Queensland

Sample Size

7000 patients


NHMRC – Project Grant – $3,269,942
MRINZ – Project Grant – $1,200,000

Project Status

The study continues in the recruitment phase with 102 of 100 sites have recruited or continue recruiting (or in COVID-19 shutdown). There are another 5 sites who plan to start in the near future but delayed with COVID-19. A total of 5548 patients recruited of 7000.                                                                                                                                    Australia had funding for 2000 patients stopped recruiting at most Australian sites. However, we have some amazingly generous sites (8 sites) who have capacity to continue without funding. They are free to continue or stop depending on capacity. We are extremely humbled by their generosity to continue.                                                      New Zealand has 6 active centres and has recruited their original goal of 518 patients However the sites agreed to continue with reduced funding and have recruited a total of 588. All sites now completed recruitment. Again, we are humbled by their generosity.                                                                                                                                            Collaborations have been organized with the UK – Imperial College with PI coordinator being Dr Stephen Brett has increased to 51 sites and another 5 to start since COVID in hospitals has decreased. They have recruited 2010/2500 and have increased their contribution in case the European sites do not reach their target in time. The University Hospital, Ghent, Belgium being the European Collaborator being led by Dr Jan De Waele with 9 sites and recruited 388/755 patients in Belgium. France University Hospital Nimes with Dr Claire Roger coordinating France with 4 sites and 267/ 650 patients recruited and two hospitals is Sweden and recruited 83/150 patients. Malaysia has 2 active sites and have recruited 180/ 357 patients. COVID has taken a toll on recruitment and we have pushed back our completion timeline by about 12 months and expect to now finish the study in June 2022..


NCT03212990 (


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