The EXCEL Study

ANZICS CTG Endorsed Study

The EXCEL Study

A comprehensive national registry on the treatment and outcomes of patients requiring ECMO

Study Description

The EXCEL Study is a prospective observational national clinical registry. The aim is to generate a national multidisciplinary network of integrated care for patients suffering acute cardiac or respiratory failure or cardiac arrest requiring extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) to monitor long term outcomes and identify best practice.

Management Committee

Carol Hodgson (Chair), Shannah Anderson (consumer), Stephen Bernard, Jasmin Board, Dan Brodie, Heidi Buhr, Aidan Burrell, Jamie Cooper, Eddy Fan, John Fraser, David Gattas, Alisa Higgins, Ingrid Hopper, Sue Huckson, Natalie Linke (Project Manager), Ed Litton, Shay McGuiness, Priya Nair, Neil Orford, Rachael Parke, Vincent Pellegrino, David Pilcher, Benjamin Reddi, Dion Stub, Tony Trapani and Andrew Udy.

Administering Institution

ANZIC Research Centre, Monash University


Alfred Health VIC, Fiona Stanley Hospital WA, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital NSW, St Vincent’s Hospital NSW, The Prince Charles Hospital QLD, University Hospital Geelong VIC, Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society, Heart Foundation of Australia, Intensive Care Foundation of Australia and New Zealand, International ECMO Network

Sample Size

525 patients


National Health and Medical Research Council (Partnership Grant) $692,656.80
Heart Foundation (Partnership Grant) $120,000.00

Project Status as of June 2019

Seven sites are active in Australia including The Alfred Hospital, Fiona Stanley Hospital, Monash Medical Centre, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne, St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney and University Hospital Geelong.

EXCEL is endorsed by the International ECMO Network.

The BLENDER trial (MRFF GTN1152270) and OBLEX study have been embedded in the registry database.

A total of 65 patients have been enrolled. Site start-ups are currently underway and by 2020 we anticipate that 26 sites will be enrolling patients into EXCEL.




Carol Hodgson (email)