ANZICS CTG Supported Study


Worldwide assessment of separation of patients from ventilatory assistance

Study Description

WEAN SAFE is a multi-centre study being carried out by the Acute Respiratory Failure section of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine.  This is an observational study examining the weaning of patients from invasive mechanical ventilation.

Management Committee

Frank van Haren (Australian Investigator & Project Manager), Giacomo Bellani (Co principal-investigator), John Laffey (Co principal-investigator), Gaetan Beduneau, Laurent Brochard, Ewan Goligher, Leo Heunks, Fabiana Madotto, Jordi Mancebo, Antonio Pesenti, Tai Pham, Lise Piquilloud, and Hannah Wunsch.

Administering Institution

European Society of Intensive Care Medicine


Medical Research Institute of New Zealand

Sample Size

5000 patients


ESICM (Project support for data analysis) €11,000.

Project Status as of June 2019

Recruitment and data collection for WEAN SAFE was completed on 30/11/2018.

The dataset has now been validated and the initial analyses completed.

We have data on more than 12000 patients and enrolled 5500 patients into the study, from 450 centres in more than 50 countries.

The preliminary results will be presented simultaneously at ESICM LIVES 2019 and at the ERS annual conference 2019.

Manuscripts are in preparation.




Frank van Haren (email)