ANZICS CTG Supported Study


ExtraCorporeal Membrane Oxygenation for 2019 novel Coronavirus Acute Respiratory Disease

Study Description

The COVID-19 Critical Care Consortium (COVID Critical) was rapidly established by a group of Brisbane clinicians and researchers in January 2020, in response to atypical viral pneumonitis reported in China, now known as COVID-19. COVID Critical set out with a clear aim – to equip all intensive care clinicians, regardless of nationality or affiliation, with the best and most up-to-date information to save lives and improve outcomes for COVID-19 patients.

Over the past year, COVID Critical has become a truly global network, proudly joined by healthcare professionals and researchers from >380 centres within 54 countries, spanning 6 continents. With thanks to the international group of collaborators, this Queensland-led team has created the largest, most in-depth patient data repositories of ICU COVID-19 patients in the world with over 7000 enrolled patients to-date. Forthcoming grant funding will be used to support in‐country data collection teams, which will accelerate growth of our database to >20,000 within next year.

Collectively, new knowledge generated from our group forms a solid foundation to enable evidence‐based practice in helping the Queensland and Global ICU community to be better informed in their support and management of COVID‐19 patients. These include (1) identification the higher risk patients (obesity, diabetes, comorbidities); (2) determine when to change treatment modalities (e.g. when to move from ventilation onto ECMO); (3) better understand and manage long‐term morbidity associated with Long COVID, as well as (4) providing real‐world clinical and ethical guideline for healthcare systems under duress. COVID Critical will continue to be the most complete source of data of severe COVID‐19 patients.

Management Committee

John Fraser, Gianluigi Li Bassi, Jacky Suen, Dan Brodie, Heidi Dalton, Mark Ogino, Shingo Ichiba, Antoni Torres, Carlos Luna, Giacomo Grasselli, Pauline Yeung, Eddy Fan, Carol Hodgson, John Laffey, Alyaa Elhazmi, Davide Chumello, Srinivas Murthy, Alistair Nicol, Aidan Burrell, Ian Yang, Eva Marwali

Administering Institution

University of Queensland

Sample Size

8864 patients

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