Winter Research Forum

ANZICS CTG Winter Research Forum

ANZICS CTG Winter Research Forum 2023 Queenstown New Zealand

We are pleased to announce that the 13th Annual Winter Research Forum will be held in Queenstown New Zealand 5-7 September  2023. The face to face meeting will encourage our colleagues to come and participate in the winter meeting, present their exciting research, collaborate and make connections with colleagues from different locations.

The primary aims of the Winter Research Forum are to provide an informal opportunity for investigators to gain early advice and feedback on research proposals, to explore issues relevant to study design and conduct in ANZ ICUs and to foster a collaborative approach to study development with the ANZICS CTG. In addition, this year we have a number of exciting results presentations.

All members of the intensive care research community and individuals working in the public sector (i.e. in a non-commercial setting) to improve outcomes for people with critical illness are invited to attend the meeting.


There is a small registration fee as ANZICS CTG remains committed to ensuring our community remains connected.

Further details regarding the Winter Research Forum will be announced on this website and via the ANZICS CTG Mailing List as they become available. For general queries, please contact the ANZICS office on +61 3 9340 3455 or via email.

ANZICS would like to thank our Sponsors for the Winter Research Forum Webinar.